Monday, August 8, 2016

Second Cutting

Israel slept until 7:30 am. That was 11 hours of sleep for that tired boy last night. We had another fun day today. For our walk today Israel got to ride on the golf cart with Willow and she even let him drive. After breakfast the vaulting team arrived first practicing on the barrel.

  Israel and I watched that for a while until the boys arrived with their light sabers and swords. 
 Of course Israel wanted to join in and the big boys let him. These are his second cousins. 
 Left to right is Noah (who belongs to Nate and Brook, Trey who belongs to Amy Beth and Jarred, Israel, Drake also Nate and Brooks, Neico who belongs to Michelle and David and Tate who belongs to Jenny and Billy. 
 After the sword fights Missy and Cookie were taken out on the trails by Tate and Noah.
 Even Israel got to ride Cookie. 
 From there we went over to mom's beach to feed the fish the left over bread. Those fish were hungry. 
 The farmer arrived to cut the hay today. The next predicted rain is Thursday afternoon so we should have plenty of time to get this second cutting up dry. 
Stephanie and Elisabet were released from the hospital this afternoon. After Israel's nap he was taken home so we could hold baby Elisabet. All the kids were heading over to bring dinner then meet and greet this precious new addition to our family. 
A nice update came from the owner of Jewel's 2015 colt. She writes: Hey Judy! Thought you might like this cool picture of Riot (Jewel's colt). WE had a photographer come take pictures yesterday, I'll send you the rest when we get them. 15.1 hands at 1 year of age, and a tall personality to go with it!
Jewel's 2016 filly is going to be JUST as nice. Jewel throws BIG foals with amazing movement and absolutely wonderful disposition. We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! If that colt is 15.1 at a year can you imagine how tall he is going to end up. By the time he is full grown he will be pushing 17 hands and to think Jewel is only around 16.1 but her sire, Raven.. was 16.2+ and his foals end up taller. I'd say Jewel's colt is taking after his grandsire with his height but his sire Evan with his HUGE movement, check out how high he gets...just like his daddy.

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