Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday at Grandma's

My day started at 4:30 am to get the parade and vaulting pictures up and posted and by daylight they were. Mark wasn't feeling well so decided not to go to church and infect anyone. Mom and I drove together. We had a good day there. Our church family is such a blessing, well really our church is such a blessing to our family.
This afternoon I was so tempted to take a nap but the kids were coming over for dinner so instead of napping the house was straightened up and the meal started. We actually ate over at mom's house as David and Stephanie brought their new baby girl Elisabet out and we didn't want her by any of Mark's germs. Dennis and Gertie joined us for dessert. After dinner came more fun.
 Above is Elisabet and below are Riley, Israel and Elisabet. Riley Jane is Rebekah and Brian's baby and the two little girls are just 2 days apart.

 With Jay and Tara's four daughters, Phil and Anna's 3 daughters and Joan's daughter the girls WAY out numbered the boys this evening. Below Mom came out to visit with Spark who was holding his grandson Ezra.
 Below is Rebekah and her 2 children Jordan and Riley
 The volley ball games were fast furious and fun. We actually spend more time visiting than watching but some of the volleys go on so long with slams, digs and blocks we all stop talking and watch just to see who wins.

Hans and Mandy came out to ride Missy and Cookie, no pictures of them riding but their son had a good time feeding the 5 weanlings.
 He was practically surrounded by babies.  

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