Tuesday, August 30, 2016

She's a Week Old

Early this morning the feeding was done then the weanlings water tank was dumped and in the process of being filled when the rain started. That meant no walk today because by 7:25 rain was coming down in sheets. By the time the rain stopped we had another inch on the ground. The fields are now soaked. I left for the Berean office just after 8:00 am. To read about our morning there click HERE.
When I arrived home the sun had come out so Rosalie and her week old filly were taken out to graze in the big field. Below are a few pictures. She had a ball galloping around her mom then flopping down for a nap.

Eliza and her colt were taken out to graze with them. Eliza's colt was very curious about this new little filly. He was staring at her in the picture below.  He is so handsome and must know it as he is always posing for the camera. What a neck!
The horses had to be supervised as the fence between the field and the corn field is down in spots. Either a tractor hit it or something ran through it. The field was too wet though to drive the equipment back to start working on it.
This evening Mark worked on the golf cart repairing the back seat.

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