Friday, August 19, 2016

Wilbur Hoerr's visitation

Right after our walk this morning I took off for Pekin, IL to visit Big R for grain and fly spray and Aldi for groceries. By the time I got back to the farm and was unloading the grain Rachel drove up to let Princess Lia (Jessica's pug puppy) out. HA she is baby sitting now! Just her 'grandchildren' all seem to look like dogs, cute dogs, make that adorable dogs but still dogs.
We are very concerned with Eliza, she is just not gaining weight. She was hosed off twice today as it was really hot and left loose all morning to graze in the big field. Then stalled when the weather became too hot.  She is eating well but evidently not enough to maintain her weight much less gain weight. We cannot wean her colt for 3 more weeks.
When Emily got home we pulled Indy out, teased her and when she showed covered her with Evan. If she has a normal cycle I believe she will be out on or before Sunday so tomorrow may be the last day she shows. Roxanne was next, she is still in and covered by Valiant. Once that was done her leg was hosed off, the cut iodined and sprayed with Wonder Dust.
Karin and Jaclyn came today to take Anna and Ribbon on a trail ride. Jaclyn came dressed properly!
 Below Ribbon and Anna are patiently waiting for their riders. 
 Studly is always thrilled to go on these trail rides. He runs along in front or behind chasing rabbits and squirrels away watching for bear and cougars. He just wants to do his job by protecting his owner. Not that we have ever seen bears and cougars around here. 

Mark arrived just as they left for the 'death trails' we picked up mom and headed in town for Wilbur Hoerr's visitation. This really was a celebration of his life.
We had not taken time to eat before leaving for the visitation so Mark took mom and I out to eat at that very fancy restaurant HyVee. It was delicious and really was very nice. We all got the salad bar which had lots of fresh vegies and fruit. We got home before dark giving Mark about an hour to mow. Eliza and her colt were put back outside. I was pleased to see she ate some of her grain then went into the pond pasture to graze. Karin said the trail ride went great. Anna needed a little help crossing the first creek but after that did all the water crossings without hesitation. They cantered up the steep hills and also in the fields.

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