Saturday, August 6, 2016

Elisabet Adelina Sceggel IS HERE!

Stephanie went into St Francis yesterday in labor but didn't progress like they had hoped.
She was in labor for 23 hours when the decision was made that a C section must be done. My cousin Mary Ellen was the surgical tech on staff that night and scrubbed in. Baby Elisa was born at 11:11 pm August 5th, 2016. The picture below was taken right after birth. Elisa had a wonderful score of 9 and 9 on apgars weighing in at 8 pounds 1 ounce and strong.
Now for the record she was not standing and nursing within an hour but that's to be expected after all this is the 2 legged baby.
 Israel was pretty thrilled with his new sister.

We didn't get a lot of sleep last night waiting for news then not able to sleep once the news came but so so thankful both mom and baby are doing well.
This morning Prissy was taken out and bathed then taken into the round pen for a few pictures.

As soon as she was put away Missy and Cookie were taken out, saddled, bridled and brought over for Emma's birthday party. Emma is Chad and Julie's second daughter and she loves horses.

The girls all had a ball with the ponies. If interested in seeing the rest of the pictures click HERE.
Chad, Joan, Faith and Berlica were put to work giving rides.
The people coming to see Prissy arrived just after 2:00 pm, looked at her, watched her move in the round pen and without even seeing Valiant they wanted to put down the deposit. We need to get a new coggins on Prissy before they take her home. Valiant was taken out and he was icing on the cake. He is such a gentle kind stallion and so impressive with his height and hair.
This evening Mark brought home Chinese for dinner then we took a nice long walk. The weather is cool and the sunset was beautiful. An update came in on Sally's last colt by Raven named Phoenix. The owner sent a picture and writes: This is the girls working with Phoenix today, first time with saddle and sitting on him, won't really ride him till next year but Avery only weighs 100 pounds so figured he could get used to someone. He is all legs at the moment.
Today we have much more than usual to be thankful for.

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