Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Missing Molly

Mom, Karin, Anni and Jessica are going camping tomorrow around noon joining Rachel & David's family and Dan & Susan's family. They are going to Mark Twain Lake in Missouri. Dan is bringing the boat and they are all looking forward to wake boarding, skiing, tubing and knee boarding. Mom was a little concerned about getting back in the boat after her turn as the ladder just has one rung. Surely they will be able to pull her in somehow.  Mom, Karin, Anni and Jessica were going to be tenting but as of this afternoon changed plans a bit. Joan, her children and grand children were camping this week in their motor home and called mom to report it is working well. It just needed a new spare and a couple new tires and Joan was able to take the motor home to Rieker's and get those put on today. They will be much more comfortable in the motor home than a tent, especially if it rains.
I had a good morning at the Berean office, to read about our morning there click HERE. From there I went down to Meister's to pay a few bills and make a deposit for Bridlewood Apartments.
Emily is now home from vacation and went right to work weed whacking and fixing fences. She was a little disappointed for when she left for vacation all the fences were looking great, she came home to 3 down and a few broken boards. We were able to talk about a plan for Sangria and decided to try one more time to breed her to Neo, Chery Thompson's big Andalusian stallion.

We know we will get a gray foal and hope for a filly. If it doesn't work this cycle we will give up and just breed Sangria back to Valiant. We love what she produces when bred to him but Rhoda would really like a purebred Andalusian filly to replace Sangria some day. 
Mark drove to church tonight, Greg Rumbold had the service reading the last half of 2 Peter chapter 2. The warnings in this chapter are most relevant today. When we got home from church Molly was missing. She was outside when someone started shooting.
We have been searching for her since we got home from church but no luck. I'm heading back out now.

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