Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Galena and Prissy PREGNANT

We had a short walk this morning, just about everyone had plans and jobs to get to. I had to pick up the mail and get it to the Berean office by 9:00 am which means I must pull out at 8:15 am.
To read about our morning there click HERE.
As soon as I got home Prissy and Galena were taken out of the paddocks and given a bath for their vet appointment in Morton, IL.
We are thrilled to announce these mares are both pregnant. Prissy is due June 23rd, 2017
and Galena is due June 25th, 2017. 
We only got one cover on Prissy so were very happy with her. She settles easily and is a great mom letting us play with the foal. Her 2015 colt also by Valiant had the hair gene, I snapped these pictures of him before he left for his new home. His mane was double sided and his tail thick and long.

We are placing Prissy for sale for only $1500.00 and she comes with the paper work to register her 2017 foal in Friesian Heritage Horse. She is not trained to ride but is a good registered brood mare. BTW the foal is worth at least $4500.00 so Prissy will be a bargain for someone. We are reducing our herd to horses that do double duty (ridden and brood mare). 
Galena's foal is going to be HUGE, probably 16.2 or taller, may be spotted and best yet have the mega HAIR gene.  Check out Galena's thick long mane, tail and feather in the pictures below.

Galena is not for sale, we are excited to see what she produces crossed with Valiant. From the vet's office in Morton, IL the horses were taken straight out to Middle Grove. When we arrived the horses came galloping up to meet me from all different directions. The sun was too bright and I couldn't see the anything in the viewfinder so just guessed while taking the video below. It is not always in focus and jerky.
The grass out there is waist high under the trees. It isn't tough grass, this is tender bright green with seed tops. The horses are all gaining weight out there. Even those mares nursing foals. 
 Above is Soul and below is Star both fat and happy both nursing big foals and both bred back. 

 The horses blend well in the trees. They enjoy the shade while munching away. 
 Below is April, Lola's filly. She and Sheena's colt left the herd and started following me back to the truck. 

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