Monday, August 15, 2016

Sunday's Post

This post is about our Sunday, we played way to long into the evening to think about sitting at the computer.
The view waiting for me Sunday morning is one I never want to take for granted. Beautiful mares and sleepy foals all lazing away the morning in the pond pasture across from the house. They stand there and watch the door, if a person comes out they neigh for attention. Theses horses all love to be fussed over by people.
 We had another amazing day in church. The young group had invited kids from all over our churches and it was wonderful to see the entire front filled with these young adults all here to worship our Lord Jesus. David Obgerfel had the service. After both readings he asked us to make a comparison of the two men. One was a king that did a lot of amazing things but became proud toward the end and would not listen to council ending up with leprosy. The other was Saul who became Paul, who persecuted the church until his amazing conversion and his humble heart. The afternoon service was just as good, Craig Stickling spoke and the time was just too short. All of us were disappointed when he sat down. That sermon followed along the lines of Dave's.
After church David brought Israel out so he could help with grandma with chores and then spend the night. Poor Israel is kind of having a hard time adjusting to his baby sister. The first job on the list was to feed the fish. Below he has just thrown a stale cracker into the lake.
 The fish were so hungry they were jumping out of the water to take bites. 
David waded in to catch some for Israel.
 Sarah and Nolan came out with their puppy for the afternoon/evening volley ball games. 

 Rebekah and Brian arrived with their son Jordan and their 11 day old daughter Riley Jane. Below Jordan is playing with the puppy.
 Philip arrived with Braelyn and Kensley who climbed up to the top of the golf cart and jumped off. Below Israel is getting ready to do his jump. 

 Grandpa Mark was willing to give golf cart rides to the 2 boys, Jordan and Israel. 

 Below great grandma Meister is holding Riley who is 11 days old and just 2 days older than David and Stef's daughter Elisabet. 
 It didn't take long for Taegan and Braelyn to join grandpa Mark on the golf cart. These carts are the best babysitters!
 The volleyball games were fun to watch, the volleys are fast and furious. 
 Jordan was playing with the sand toys when Zero the Mutt came over and started dragging them away. Of course instead of us helping Jordan we all laughed. 
What a funny dog. The volleyball games ended around 8:00 pm, Israel was a little distressed when his dad left without him but happy when we headed over to feed the horses. He slept all night, we will see what today will bring. He is usually a happy boy and likes to help.

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