Thursday, August 11, 2016

A FULL Day of Work

Emily started working early this morning. Rhoda arrived and the two of them worked naughty Rosaleigh. She did not want to go forward and let those girls know exactly what she thought of working today by kicking out and flattening those ears. Thankfully Rhoda and Emily were able to make her mind. She is such a beautiful mare but what an attitude.
Once Rosaleigh was put away they loaded up Jewel and her filly, Marika and her colt and Eliza and her colt for their 2 week vacation at Middle Grove. When they arrived though the gate key was missing. I was on my way home from the post office dropping off the Bibles for Berean so instead of coming home drove out to Middle grove with the key. We were able to drive right in with the mares and foals but when we let them out there were no other horses in sight. Below is Marika and her colt right after we unloaded. They were so happy to get out there and on the bountiful grasslands.
Emily started honking the truck horn and that brought the horses out of the trees.
 Above is Soul, her filly, Whitney and Joanna who is Lily's filly by Valiant. Below is Lola and her filly, Zalena's filly, behind her is Roxanne, to the right of the filly is Zalena and in front is Oksana. 

 Above left to right is Soul's filly, Soul and Whitney, below is Joanna. 

 Above is Galena and Hadassah below is Star and Ella. 

 Above is Lily and Below is Hadassah. 
 Above is Rhoda haltering Oksana who we were bringing home for the next show and below is Soul's filly. 

 Above is Emily petting April (Lola x Valiant) and below April is giving a pony ride to Rhoda's dog Ruby. 

 Above is Ayanna and her muddy colt by Evan. We were going to take Zalena and her filly home but after putting Anna and Oksana in the trailer Ayanna's colt decided he wanted to go and hopped in the trailer too. Emily was told to let Zalena go and bring Ayanna instead. The last mare loaded was Roxanne who needs to come home to be bred to Evan.  As soon as we got back to the farm these 5 were unloaded and Prissy loaded up for her vet appointment to get her blood drawn for a new coggins test. She is sold but needs a current coggins before she can leave the farm. Emily stayed back to move bales. We got 27 and a half round bales off our second cutting yesterday. Emily was working on moving them when the bale spear broke.  The steel bar started bending under the weight of these huge bales then just ripped. 
She decide she may as well start cleaning paddocks. Below she is working on Evan's. 
 The next paddock worked on was Ribbon's paddock. Once she had the pile of old hay piled high it was started on fire. 
Next she used the skid steer to move the two horse trailers forward so the burn pile could be started. With rain suppose to be coming in tonight after midnight it was the perfect time to burn. 

   Mike brought over the John Deere tractor to move the rest of the bales in. We also had Mike move bales into the paddocks as I won't have a bale spear until ours gets fixed or we buy a new one.
We now have 117 paid for round bales inside for the winter. What a good feeling.
Now time for a true story. Ruth was feeling extravagant and purchased a manicure/pedicure kit. She told us this on the walk but mom heard that Ruth purchased a pedicure. She wanted to see her feet and Ruth says, "I just got one foot done." Mom was shocked at that and wanted to know how much she had to pay to have just ONE foot done.

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