Friday, August 26, 2016

Game Night At Ruth's

Anna dropped off the Taegan and Kensley to spend the day with grandma. Taegan was such a good little helper for only 3 years old. She helped with the feeding, the stalls, and cleaning the house. Around 9:30 am Mark called to report he would need to go to Indianapolis and would I come with him to drive. Well Gertie was called and she agreed to keep the girls so the horses were fed quick and the dogs let out then off to Meisters I drove only to get there and find he had sent someone else but forgot to call me off. So it was back to Gertie's to pick up the girls. We had a fun day here even though it rained off and on most of the day.
Mark came home with about a half hour to spare before we needed to head over to Ruth and Fedi's house for supper and games. He worked on filling pot holes, a never ending job with all the rain we have been having this year. Cheryl Grassi's office had a luncheon today for all their workers and she brought the left overs for us.
The meal was delicious. After the meal we all went out to see the teeter-totter Fedi made for their playground equipment. Of course mom had to try it out.
 Back inside the kids were fascinated with Fedi's snake. 
We played games until almost 10:00 pm. Ruth's house was loud with laughter. A big thanks to Cheryl for providing the food and a big thanks to Ruth and Fedi for hosting. When I got home I ran to the barn to feed and water Rosalie for the last time tonight and discovered the hose had been left on full blast between the 2 barns flooding the entire area. The vaulters must have left it running after their practice. I hate to see that bill and will probably need to take it out of the vaulting fund.

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