Saturday, August 13, 2016

Serenity Home

Right after breakfast this morning Addyson, Jack and Jace (who spent the night at the apartment with their parents Ben and Taunya) went with me to feed the left overs to the fish at mom's beach.
 Those fish were hungry and as soon as they saw us coming down came swimming in schools close to the beach. 
 Jace didn't throw his in very far which was just too tempting for Studly, Karin's dog. He had to go help himself. 
Ben, Nolan, Phil, Anna, Caleb and Anna's cousin by marriage from Minnesota met here to ride together to the Giant Goose Ranch for a volley ball tournament. This team was suppose to have David but with Stephanie home with a new baby he needed to cancel The players needed one more for the team and even though the brand new cousin had never played with them or even played much volley ball at all did a great job of filling in. They called themselves the SpikeMeisters. The picture below was posted on the Giant Goose Ranch's Facebook page with this heading: Had an awesome day at the Ranch today! Team SpikeMeister took home the gold in the volleyball tournament.
This team ended up winning the tournament. I couldn't go watch, I had a mare leaving today and one coming in and surprising enough both trailers were here at the same time.
Shana actually brought Serenity back a few minutes before the mare Patty left.
Serenity is a 10 year old Raven daughter out of a European warmblood mare. Rhoda pretty much did all the training on her last year, then she went to live at Shana's barn for Lauri to enjoy but Lauri now has 3 other horses so Serenity is home. The first video posted below was taken a year ago.

The second video was taken a month later. Serenity improved in her canter and trick training.
Shana said she enjoyed riding her and everyone at her barn loves this mare. We are placing her for sale for $4000.00 but want her to go to someone with horse experience, she really is not for a beginner rider. We had just unloaded Serenity and put her in the paddock next to Evan when Patty's owner arrived to take her home. Not too long after both trailers had left the farrier showed up to trim hooves. Roxanne was brought in from Middle Grove with what looks like a wire cut on her right back leg which needed to be hosed, scrubbed and treated. If it doesn't look any better on Monday I will take her to Hoerr vet office. The guys were at Middle Grove setting up deer stands, Mike sent the pictures below of all the helpers.
 Those horses are so curious about everything going on out there. 
 Phil and Anna invited us all over for dinner. Nolan took the picture below of the kids giving his puppy a ride in the doll stroller.
We had a delicious dinner, just ask Jace.
 John and Jolene Elder (Anna's aunt and uncle) provided the desserts, lots of ice cream and brownie bites.

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