Monday, August 29, 2016

Jewel Pregnant

Dr. Hoerr arrived at the farm around 9:45 am giving me time to walk with the ladies, eat a nice breakfast and bring in the mares for ultrasounds. We had good news and bad news today. The good news was Jewel conceived and is due July 15th, 2017. She is a wonderful mom and produces tall babies that have the most expressive movement and sweet loving dispositions.

The sire of her expected 75% Friesian foal is Evan.
The bad news was that Sangria did not conceive. We bred her to Neo, Chery Thompson's big Andalusian stallion and were hopeful but it just wasn't meant to be. We will send her out to Middle Grove with Jewel then bring her back in a couple weeks and just cover her with Valiant. Rhoda really wanted a replacement for Sangria and was hoping for a filly but since this is almost September and we have wasted most of this summer trying it is time to give up and just breed her back to a Friesian. It really is inconvenient trying to use someone else's stallion.
The next job was to draw blood from the 5 foals now being weaned. Zalena's filly, Adara, was the first one but only because she came right up to Dr. Hoerr to see what he was holding. He took one look at her and exclaimed, "now that's a nice foal!"
Adara didn't even flinch when he stuck the needle in. Lola's filly, April,
was next and she too stood well. Ayanna's colt, Caspian, on the other hand took one look at that needle and tried to throw himself backward.
Dr. Hoerr just calmed him down and within a minute had the blood drawn and the needle out. Sheena's colt, Capricho, was perfect not moving at all

and then came Star's filly Austara,
Oh my was she worried, she was very suspicious of Dr. Hoerr and was sure he was going to do something awful. I'm amazed at how quickly Dr. Hoerr finds the vein when he is holding a scared filly. After Dr. Hoerr left, Austara (Tara for short) was taken out of the round pen, led into the stall, tied and all 4 hooves picked up a few times until she stood quietly and lifted them each time asked. She also led quietly back to the round pen. I need to do that with each foal before they leave.
In the mail today came the registration papers for Sangria's filly, Soul's filly, Sheena's colt and Eliza's colt. We are still waiting on Indy's filly which should arrive soon. We will send the last batch of 5 after the last 2 deliver which would be Jewel's filly, Marika's colt, Rosalie's filly, Ribbon's expected foal and Oksana's expected foal. 
Tonight 9 more foal halters were ordered, we need to send each foal with a halter but I don't want to give up the halters I'm using on them now. These are suppose to fit a 500 pound horse which is pretty much what these babies weigh when they leave. 

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