Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lanae Christ

The picture below was taken early this morning just as the sun was lighting up the trees with gold. I enjoy sitting on our front porch with my coffee each morning while reading and listening to the noisy neighbors (the birds) singing and calling to each other each trying to compete over the sound of the frogs, occasional fox call and the sound of cows bawling for their breakfast way off in the distance.
We had a Spirit filled Sunday. Tim Roecker had the morning service that left the listeners convicted, comforted, and thankful then Tim Funk followed that up with the afternoon service taking over when Tim left off. Both sermons were exactly what I needed and both will be listened to again. So glad we have that AC central website. At lunch I happened to sit next to Lanae Christ. She showed me some of the murals she has done for people and they were so good I would like to share them here. The three below she was painting during the home show down at the civic center as people were milling around watching.

Such talent. If you would like to see more of her work feel free to visit our Facebook page by clicking HERE. Don't forget to LIKE her page. She also does portraits of pets and showed me some amazing horse paintings done with charcoal and pastels. Each was about 3ft by 4ft and the detail was true to life. Check out the detail in the picture below:
Of course every reader of this blog would know what this is a picture of but Lanae told me so many people ask her, "what IS it?"
This afternoon a bunch showed up for the usual Sunday volley ball.
 Willow gave golf cart rides. 
 We heard the sound of Mike's jeep hitting a tree, looked over it was. Mike had a little accident with his jeep a couple weeks ago, actually a tree fell on it during a storm and when Mike pulled the tree off he was thrilled to see no damage. He moved the jeep away so he could clean up the branches but left the jeep in neutral and it rolled into a tree bending the right side of the bumper. 
 He was going to have Fede help him straighten it tonight but instead Fede suggested he ram the other side of the bumper into a tree until that side matched. Now it looks like a custom bend. Perfect!
 Below are a few pictures of the evening. 
 Above Sarah and Rebekah are talking to Ruth and below was a good volley ball action shot.
 Some of the volleys tonight were very entertaining. One volley in particular went on and on with slams, digs, blocks and hits. When the volley was over everyone on the sidelines clapped. 
 They played game after game and when they finally got tired and walked off the court the young ones grabbed the court to play too. 
 We so much enjoy our Sunday evenings. 

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