Monday, August 15, 2016

A Rainy Day

The heavens started sprinkling a fine mist before our walk but none of us wanted to give it up and all of us showed up but Diane did more than show up, she showed up with umbrellas for all. There was no way we were going to get caught in a downpour. Thankfully the downpour didn't happen, just a continual sprinkle. Israel didn't even care that he was getting wet as we were driving the golf cart around. The vet appointment was cancelled, Dr. Hoerr did not make it back from his trip. I think tomorrow they are going to try to fit us in but it will have to be quite a bit later in the afternoon since the Berean work doesn't usually get done until after lunch. Israel was taken home around 3:30 pm and of course I had to stop in and see Elisabet. She was up most of the night and Stephanie was tired but both mom and baby girl are doing great.
I stopped at Sam's to pick up the meal for tomorrow and pulled in our driveway the same time as Mark. We got a bit more than a quarter of an inch of rain even though it rained all day. This type of rain is wonderful as every drop soaks in. The fields are springing up before our eyes. Emily arrived home from her nurses training, we decided we needed to get the electric fence up quickly and get all the mares out grazing on that free grass!

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