Saturday, August 20, 2016

CIRTS Benefit at Weaver Farms

Today was the big show and polo match at Weaver farms but during the night a storm came in and dumped about an inch and a half of rain.Then during the day more rain fell as we were bathing horses, grooming horses, and cleaning tack. The man coming to get Prissy arrived just before 1:00 pm as we were getting finishing up the last horse. Prissy left about the same time Karin got the call that the polo match was called off but would we please still come and bring the horses as we would now be the entertainment. Well that is us and a few other horse owners. They decided the show would start an hour later to give the field time to dry off wanting us all there by 4:00 pm. We had 8 horses all bathed and looking great and didn't want to keep them in stalls or tied so decided to turn them out in the big field in hopes they would just graze. WELL that didn't happen. Each horse found a good muddy spot to roll. We had planned on pulling out at 3:00 pm but by 3:15 pm we were still frantically hosing down horses and throwing them in the trailer as soon as they were clean. We arrived to find that the field was still quite wet and 4 wheel drive was required to get into the parking area. We were some of the lucky ones that didn't get stuck. We noticed when the horses were pulled out of the trailer there was still mud showing in spots but...we forgot all the grooming tools. Karin  pulled out baby wipes and told the riders to get busy washing down their horse with baby wipes. A man came by and in all serious asked her, "is that how you clean your horses?"  The horses all did great, the show went on and was well attended. To see just a few pictures click HERE. The vaulting pictures are not yet up and posted. Karin just kept commenting on how wonderful the mares all were. They really were excellent. The vaulters were the star of the show. There is something about watching little girls on a HUGE horse that is just so impressive.  We were on our way home at 6:00 pm. Emily and Mitchel helped unload the 8 horses, Karin unloaded the tack and I cleaned out the truck. We work together like a well oiled machine. Pictures are downloading but won't finish until after 10:00 pm so those will be worked on tomorrow and hopefully posted then. Great Day and surely to be a good night.

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