Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Addition To the Family

Rebekah and Brian so excited to announce the birth of their beautiful baby daughter, Riley Jane Schwind. She is a healthy 7 lbs 4 oz and 18" long. 
Today Taunya let me have her children for the morning. Jace was a good help with the morning feeding.

The repair man Rod, showed up to work on the skid steer. Jace was glad to hold tools for him while he worked. Rod's family use to rent the Old School Center from Dan for family reunions. 
 The morning was perfect for butterfly hunting so we loaded up the golf cart and took off for far fields.

 We found some pretty butterflies but a lot of ugly grasshoppers too. We also found a campsite that may or may not belong to a group of Gypsies. Addyson was very interested in learning about Gypsies so as the boys were jumping on the trampoline I was telling her stories mom had told me of her mother and the gypsy bands that would come through down by Kickapoo Creek.
  Right about that time someone started screaming loudly. We were suspicious that maybe the Gypsies had come back and were stealing children but mom came out about then and told us she didn't hear anything.
Miss Molly came out right behind mom and she heard the screaming. Turned out mom didn't have her hearing aids in. 
 Below mom is telling Addyson all about the stories of Gypsies stealing children way back in the early 1900's and how her mom was so afraid to let her brother play down at the creek by himself because of those stories.
 We finally figured out that the screaming was coming from Rachel's house. She was doing a photo shoot for 2 little children and was doing anything to get them to smile, even telling them to scream.
 We went toad hunting next and both boys found a toad. Taunya arrived to take them home just before Jace found his toad so the boys were given buckets and took their new pets home but promised to let them go in their yard later today.
Addyson was not thrilled to be riding in the van with two brothers and their toads.
Tonight Mark drove to church with a full car taking me, Sarah R, mom and Diane. It was good to be there. Tim Roecker had the service.

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