Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Big Surprise

I left for the Berean office after just 1 round of the walk not knowing exactly what we were going to do today as last week the main computer crashed. To read about our day there click HERE. That wasn't the surprise though, that will come later. I needed to leave there by 1:00 pm so I could drive home, load horses, drive to Middle Grove and meet Karin by 2:30 pm. Well that didn't happen, I was so worried about being late I accidentally made it 25 minutes early. Yep, my watch stopped working. The gate was unlocked and the truck driven into the summer pasture then Oksana let out of the trailer.
 When Karin arrived we drove up to where the horses usually are and sure enough there was Oksana standing with Galena. But no other horses were in sight. We drove to the top then got out and started hiking and hiking and hiking but no sign of the herd. After about 45 minutes Karin discovered the upper gate wide open to the winter pasture. We decided to load up Galena and Oksana and take them over in the trailer. We were able to drive about half way then unloaded and before long the herd found us.
 Karin and I haltered Sheena, Star, Zalena and Lola and walked them back to the trailer with their foals following. Today was weaning day. The mares were put into the trailer and when the foal followed the mares were taken out of the trailer but the foals left in and by the time we finished we had only 4 foals in the trailer. The mares took off for the herd and we drove back out to the road and locked the gate. That went easier than expected. When I arrived back at the farm each foal was haltered then Jessica helped lead them into the stalls. We had 4 foals in one stall all calling for their moms. By this time Mark arrived home for dinner. After dinner I felt I MUST go back to pick up Jewel, her filly, Sangria, Her filly and Rosalie. Jewel and Sangria have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday morning and Rosalie is now 30 days from her due date. For this trip out Indy and her filly were loaded into the front of the trailer, Ayanna's colt was put in with the other 4 weanlings and Ayanna put in the back of the trailer. When I arrived at Middle Grove the herd was all milling around. I snapped this picture of Galena first.
 Then went to halter Sangria but stopped to take the picture below of Joanna, Lily's filly by Valiant for her owner Jamie Stone.
I started looking for Rosalie before going to get Jewel. I found what I thought was Rosalie but she didn't look pregnant, then I happened to notice something black laying in the grass next to her and thought, "oh know, Rosalie aborted." I walked up and was shocked to see a live beautiful sound asleep little filly. What a BIG surprise! She was born a month early.  I checked her over and watched her stand and nurse while haltering Rosalie. At that point all my plans changed. The filly was brand new, her cord was still white and wet and there was the remnants of the sack around her ears where Rosalie didn't wash her off very well. She was getting confused by all the horses milling around and following the wrong mare which was making Rosalie very worried.
Sangria was let loose and the filly was hauled all the way to the trailer with Rosalie and a bunch of horses all following. They had all become attached to this new little part of the herd and did not want to see me taking her away. The trailer was probably a half mile from where the horses were and the trip was long and tiring for such a young foal. By the time she was loaded into the trailer, she and I were both exhausted. They were taken home and stalled next to the 5 foals being weaned. Rosalie is being a great mom. I am SO very thankful I made that second trip out to Middle Grove tonight. Rain is moving in for the next couple days, heavy rain which would have put a lot of stress on a young foal and more than likely killed her. She is now in a dry safe stall. We will just have to pick up the other mares sometime before Monday morning even if it is raining or muddy.

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