Monday, August 22, 2016

Best Buddies

Eliza and Ayanna were put out together in the big field with their two colts. This was the first time these boys have been together. They were tentative at first getting to know each other but less than 10 minutes later they were playing together and soon grazing together like best buddies. Ayanna's colt is 6 weeks older than Eliza's colt.
Above left is Caspian, Ayanna's colt by Evan, Eliza then Caesar, Eliza's colt by Valiant. These two boys are what we consider right proper colts. They have movement, hair and presence to be true fantasy Friesian stallions. 
 They had such a good time running around the field racing, bucking and kicking while their mamas grazed together. 
We had such bright sunshine it was hard to get decent pictures. Once they were put away I drove to Sam's Club, we were almost out of dog food and of course one must get groceries at the same time. Why waste a trip. Gertie arrived as the groceries were being put away. We had a nice visit until Mark came home for supper. The weather is still really nice outside. Mark is out grading the driveways. I just came in from teasing mares and getting Roxanne covered by Valiant.
She is standing well. The stallions have been so well behaved these last few months. They know their jobs and are waiting until we give the ok. What a difference from a few years ago. The vaulting pictures from Saturday's show were finally posted. Unfortunately I had a problem with the camera card and only captured about half of them.

The summer vaulting team is family, well there is Megan who technically is not related but since Emily lives here we consider her family too. Below is a picture that was taken by Erst Photography. They were there taking pictures and posted this one on Facebook.

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