Thursday, August 18, 2016

Introducing Elisabet

Rachel posted some pictures of our newest grand daughter Elisabet. As a gift  my sister who owns and operates drives over and takes newborn pictures for the parents. ENJOY these, I KNOW I sure am.

Rachel is SO good at capturing every expression. What a wonderful gift, THANKS RACHEL.
I only had time for half a walk this morning as I needed to stop at TEMCO to pick up the Berean mail. We had a very easy day there but not for a good reason. To see why click HERE.
When I got home Emily was here working with Oksana and Indy. Both were groomed and ridden bareback but it was just so hot she didn't want to work them hard. Oksana was put away and Indy was taken to the breeding stand to be covered by Evan. She is a hard one to tell, she doesn't show until he mounts but today stood well. Once Indy and Evan were put away Roxanne was brought out and covered by Valiant. She too stood better than yesterday. Praying these two conceive.
We decided that Indy and her filly could go in the paddock with Eliza and her colt but tonight that just wasn't working well so Indy and her filly were moved back into the middle paddock. Eliza has lost a lot of weight nursing her big colt and is too thin. We do not want any horse eating her grain but she eats so slow the other horses finish way before her then go eat hers. Tonight she and her colt are again separated from the rest. We have probably over 40 horses and all are in good flesh or fat but Eliza. Yes her teeth have been checked, yes she has been de-wormed and she has good pasture for grazing and is given the best of hay 24/7 and yet when she is nursing the weight just drops like a stone. Her foals are so spectacular it is worth the extra work of feeding her separate.
Mark spent the evening grading the driveways. The owner of Sunny sent a picture and said this:
Here is a picture of Sunny taken this summer. Thought you might like to see how he looks now. He is still gorgeous! We adore him! He is learning Dressage now. We even did a little shoulder in at our last lesson. A nice British lady with British Horse Society instructor certification and 40 years of teaching experience is our trainer. He sure has stolen our hearts too! Everyone adores him. My husband especially is very fond of him, though he does not ride.
Amy sent an update on her mom's surgery. Clarkie's cancer is back with a vengeance. The surgeon just looked and closed her back up then told Amy to check into hospice care for her mom. Please pray for both.

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