Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rosaleigh PREGNANT

The morning was spent at the Berean office. To read about our day there click HERE. After the mail was dropped off that the post office it was rush back to the farm to meet Dr. Hoerr. Today was the day we were to find out if Rosaleigh settled and Sangria ovulated and thankfully both happened.
 Above Dr. Hoerr is looking for the embryonic vesicle and below is a picture of that. 
 Rosaleigh is due July 7th, 2017 The proud papa is Evan. This is going to be an amazing fantasy Friesian foal for sure to inherit the mega hair and the huge movement of both sire and dam. 
Sangria was sonagrammed next. She was covered by Neo on Friday but then Sunday was out, we just wanted to make sure she really did ovulate. Thankfully Dr. Hoerr saw a bright new CL so the timing was perfect. 
 If she does conceive we know the foal is going to be gray, very sweet and tall. Sangria and Neo are both pushing 17 hands. If the foal is a colt it will be for sale but if Sangria has a filly she will not be sold but be a replacement for Sangria. Now we will just pray she conceived.
We needed Dr. Hoerr to look at a cut on Roxanne's leg. Thankfully it is not deep and just needs to be rinsed out with iodine water a few times a day. 
 Dr. Hoerr was just leaving when Phil and Anna arrived with the girls. They were going down to help Sarah and Nolan put the siding on their house but the girls wanted to come play with grandma. We went to the playground after supper where they played on the trampoline, the swing set and the volley ball court.

 Mom came out with Molly. Of course Kensley has to go see Molly. She thought of kissing her but I think Molly's breath was enough to stop her from getting too close.

 They had an old fashioned stare down.
Molly won as Kensley decided it would be more fun to go down the sliding board with her sisters. Ruth came over to measure the teetertoter board then stayed to visit. We had a nice evening until the mosquitoes came out to play. We don't like playing with them, they are always out for blood.

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