Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Indy & Roxanne In

Taunya dropped Jace off at the Berean office this morning. He was very very good. This grandma can't brag enough. He entertained himself while we worked.
 Taunya picked him up just after 12:30 pm. As soon as Jace left the real work started. I was pretty sure Roxanne was in, she was hanging around Evan this morning. She was teased and showed but covered with Valiant as we knew Indy was in and would need to be covered too. Both boys got work today but neither mare stood very well. Both will need to be covered again tomorrow late afternoon.
Hopefully Roxanne will conceive on this season's cover. Valiant is a good fit for her as he will add height on the foal. Roxanne is one of our smaller mares and will probably barely reach 16 hands once full grown.  Indy must be covered by Evan as she is Valiant's sister. Indy is one of our best swimmers. She has been swimming since she was 3 weeks old. Below Mitchel is taking her for a swim across the lake.
As soon as she was covered by Evan she was hosed off to cool her down then taken into the stall for her grain. While she and her filly were eating, the trailer back gate was opened so Sangria and her filly could be loaded. Sangria loaded fine, her filly decided she didn't want to go so a rope was looped around her neck and then she walked right in. I was too lazy to go find a halter that fit her and she didn't fight the rope at all. Next in trailer was Rosaleigh, now that she is confirmed in foal she can go live at Middle Grove. Once Indy was taken back out we were on our way. They were very excited to get out there and right off started neighing for the others.

Only Eliza, Marika, Soul and their 3 foals came up to greet them. Eliza lost weight while she was out there so she was haltered and led over to the trailer. Her colt didn't really want to go but once mom was in and not coming back out he jumped in all by himself. I did not take the time to find the other horses but Monday will need to do this. The owners of Star's filly, Lola's filly, Sheena's colt and Ayanna's colt are all going to want to pick up their babies in September and all need to come in to be weaned and have a coggins drawn. Since Eliza has lost weight she was taken right into the stall for grain while the old bale was moved out of the last paddock shelter and one of the best bales was moved in for her. The other mares were locked off the pond pasture so Eliza and her colt have the best hay and pasture. Tomorrow after work I might try to stop at TSC to see if they have grain with more calories than the 12% sweet feed we are feeding the rest of the herd. 
Diane and Mike left for Gulf Shores, Spark and Rhonda just got home from Pennsylvania bringing Tara and her 5 children. We are thrilled Jay and Tara are moving home and this time hopefully for good. 
Willis Ehnle had tonight's service. He has been preaching the Word for 61 years.  

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