Sunday, August 7, 2016

Israel Stays the Night

Right after church we drove to St. Francis to meet our new grand daughter. We met up with Martha Kay and Dana at the hospital. They brought Israel there to see his parents then he got to come home with Mark and I.  Below I am holding Elisabet ( A-Leesa-bet or Aleesa for short, Spanish for Elizabeth) for the very first time.
Rhoda & Lee brought their puppy Ruby over and Sarah & Nolan brought their brand new puppy to meet Israel
 Israel had fun this afternoon, the only younger child and lots of attention. He got to take golf cart rides, jump from the golf cart to the trampoline, play football with the big kids, ride horses, feed horses, play with puppies and play on the playground. There was a whole lot of playing going on tonight.
 While we were waiting for the volley ball games to start up a sparrow flew down from the trees and landed on Joan's hand. 
The volleyball games were fun to watch.
They played late into the evening even needing to turn on the lights. 
 Willow brought Missy over to give Israel a ride. 
Of course lots of pictures were taken of the evening. If you would like to see them click here.
We kept Israel so busy he didn't even seem to miss his mom and dad and by the time we brought him back to the house for bed he didn't even complain that we forgot his stuffed dog. Thankfully we found a bunch of stuffed animals that all needed to sleep with him.

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