Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stamp Drive

We had such a good morning at the Berean office. Hard working volunteers of all ages. Check them out by clicking HERE.
Ruth took the day off but sent this picture:
We understand, after all this is her very first grand daughter.
When I got home Rhoda was here grooming Evan. She had already cleaned 3 stalls, brought Evan in and took out his braids, brushed his mane and tail and was busy rebraiding. Of course the camera HAD to be taken out when Rhoda agreed to let him have some fun in the outdoor arena. Evan dances when he is let loose.

This is just a sampling of the pictures taken. If you would like to see them all click HERE.
As we were putting Evan away we noticed Jewel calling to him. She was taken out, teased and when she showed covered. Jewel is as sweet as she is beautiful.
This evening Mark worked on removing the back mower tires. He ordered 2 new heavy duty tractor tires for the mower to help on the hills here.
The Berean banquet meeting was tonight and Spark called with a plea. We really really need to get the word out about the banquet. This is the main fund raiser for this ministry that donates so much. Please consider coming to this banquet held at 5 Points in Washington, IL at 5:30 pm Saturday August 27th, 2016. The featured speaker this year is Manny Mill, a well known author and the CEO of Koinonia House National Ministries. Come hear how YOU can help share Jesus Christ to inmates all over North America, Russia and Romania. For banquet reservations call 309-672-0991 We would love to have a full house! Just one more plea as if that isn't enough...IF you would like to donate stamps we can sure use them. We would love to have a stamp drive again this year at the banquet!

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