Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I had a lady email wanting to come to see Serenity but they want her for an upper level vaulting horse. They want to vault at the canter. Nope Serenity would not be suitable for that job no matter how nicely she canters. The last time we sold a riding horse instead of a foal was when we sold Sunny and at that point we decided never again would we do that. We had so many people come to "try him out" but were really just wanting a free ride. Karin was getting disgruntled after about the 20th time. Thankfully a past customer, Cynthia, expressed interest and ended up buying him. NoBodyKnows the trouble we've seen (That could be a song...but fits here) of having to stop work, tack up the horse spend an hour or sometimes a LOT of hours watching them try him out only to hear later, we decided we would like to come try him again and this time we want to bring my cousins kids, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and oh yes about 10 friends want to come to and by the way would  you mind tacking up a few of your Friesians and taking us all on a trail ride so we see how he does on trails?
This morning was kind of frustrating at the Berean office. The equipment was malfunctioning. To read about our morning there click HERE.
As soon as I got home the Exiss trailer was backed between the 2 buildings the ramp let down and the back doors opened then mares and foals loaded. Jewel and Sangria along with their fillies were taken back to Middle Grove. Jewel can now stay as she is confirmed in foal, Sangria will need to come back in a couple weeks to be bred to Valiant. Jenis was brought in a stall for her grain. Roxanne, Eliza and her colt were let out in the big field to graze while I made the Middle Grove trip. When I got back all three were standing in the stall barn enjoying the shade. That made it easy to put the horses away. Rosalie and her filly were let out and the stalls cleaned. The weanlings were fed and each was led around and hooves picked up. Star's filly was again led into the barn and tied to pick up her hooves as a reminder.
We had a nice evening at church tonight.

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