Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lots of Rain

We were awakened at 12:30 am by a huge crash of thunder. About that time Emma came crashing into our room and tried to climb on the bed. Thankfully our bed is too high for her to get all the way on. A 171 pound English Mastiff plus Mark and I would make that bed way to crowded. She was taken into the family room to watch the storm and I marveled at the amount of rain pounding down. Then I overslept not waking until 6:30 am. That meant I had to rush the chores feeding and watering all those weanlings plus Rosalie and cleaning stalls. The filly is doing great. It was 7:15 by the time Mark got his breakfast then I had to take off at a run to make the walk. This morning the rain gauge showed over an inch and a half with more expected. Thankfully it wasn't raining during our walk. I only got in one round again though as I needed to pick up the mail at TEMCO and be at the Berean office by 9:00 am. We had a really good day there today. To read about our morning click HERE. Rhoda was here when I got home, she had all 5 weanlings in the round pen and had started cleaning stalls. Oh how wonderful it was to have help with that today. Those weanlings trash their stalls worse than any big horse. The camera was taken out to get a few pictures for the weanlings owners.
 April is in front then left to right is Tara, Adara, Capricho and Caspian in the picture above. Below is Adara and Capricho.
 They ran around then all stopped to get a drink. They were funny with that tank though Caspian kept trying to crawl into the tank. By this evening there was a big puddle in front of the tank. 
 Below is a picture of Zalena's filly named Adara. She is the only one in this bunch not sold yet. She is a purebred Friesian filly by Valiant. She has great movement, is very fancy and will be tall. She is for sale for only $8000.00.
 Next we brought out Rosalie and her 2 day old filly by Evan. The sun was shining too bright to leave them out long but we got some cute pictures for a lady interested in purchasing her. She is also for sale for $5500.00. She is 7/8ths Friesian 1/8th warmblood but will look and act 100% Friesian.

 Once they were put away Rhoda and I stripped the foal stalls and added new bedding. As there was still time before Rhoda needed to leave she pulled out Serenity. Serenity has been at another barn for the last year and we wanted to see if she remembered her training.

 She did ok, not as good as we expected but not terrible. If she had a consistent rider she would be marvelous. Today she was looking for something to spook at but each time she thought of it Rhoda made her work just a little harder until she settled down and realized she needed to behave.
Rhoda asked her to bow and was pleased that she remembered that. While Rhoda was riding I was busy weeding the arena. With the tremendous amounts of rain we have had the grass is growing in the arena. Thankfully it pulls out easy. The grass is also growing in the yards but tonight those got mowed. We had two loads of gravel dumped today. Mark got the skid steer out and started filling pot holes and adding gravel to the drives until the rain started back up again. The last job tonight was to give Mark a hair cut. Even that is growing.

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