Friday, August 12, 2016

Rain Just in Time

With all the bales in the barn we were actually hoping for rain and when we awoke just a light sprinkle had dampened the ground. Then just before our walk a shower started up but quit right at 7:26 am so Ruth, Diane and I started our walk towards Joan's. We got all the way to her house and the heavens opened, dumping a half inch of rain on those newly mowed, raked and baled hay fields. We sat on Joan's porch waiting for it to stop but finally couldn't wait any longer so Joan just gave us all a ride back in her van.
What a wonderful gift. This afternoon Emily loaded up Sangria and her filly and drove them to Washington, IL so Sangria could be bred to Neo, Chery Thompson's big Andalusian stallion. Rhoda met her and between Chery, Rhoda and Emily they got the job done twice. If she is still in Sunday afternoon they will drive her back for another cover.
Emily met her mom at a grocery store over in East Peoria and evidently put on quite a show. She had the truck and trailer in the parking lot and mothers with little kids all came to see the horses falling in love with Sangria's filly. Emily said it was like a circus.
Mark and I drove to Sarah and Nolan's for dinner tonight but when we were loading the car the rain started back up in earnest. We got soaked trying to load the car and soaked once we arrived.
 Ben, Taunya and their 3 kids along with David and Stephanie and their 2 kids joined us for dinner. The kids had fun playing with Sarah and Nolan's new puppy.

 I'm heading to bed. By the time we got home tonight another inch of rain had fallen. So very thankful the hay is up and the fields are growing.
The campers posted a few pictures of wake boarding on Mark Twain Lake. Sounds like they are having a great time.

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