Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hannah's Parade

This post is ALL about Saturday. The day was so full of activities that by the time everything was over we all went straight to bed.
Saturday started at 4:45 am for me, it was still pouring down rain but there was stuff to do inside like bring all the parade candy down and pile it by the door then take the golf cart into the barn and start decorating it. By the time the morning was light enough to see the muck boots were put on and the tromp across the dam to get the mares had to be made in the rain and mud. We received another inch and a half of rain during the night and everything was a sloppy mess. For some reason the mares will not come into the paddocks. I am thinking we might have a hornet nest and the mares got stung but haven't found one. Jenis was a nervous wreck walking her through the paddock sure she was going to be attacked. She was taken into the stall and looked over well. I found places she had bumps so it may be she was attacked a few days ago.
Karin arrived to start bathing horse. Emily helped hook the Exiss trailer up to the truck. The trailer was cleaned out and the golf cart loaded and taken to Mike's office in Hanna City and left then the trailer taken back to the farm for the horses. The ramp on that trailer is so handy.
Karin had the mares ready to load and we were on our way by 9:00 am. Jessica was given the camera and took the parade pictures as I was busy with the golf cart and the manure fork just in case any of the horses left something one doesn't want to step in. The crowd was already starting to claim spots at the curb as we were lining up.

Below Karin is giving the pirates instructions in the bank parking lot where we are the last in line. For some reason the parade officials always want us to go last. It could be no one wants to take a chance of stepping into something nasty.
As long as we were in the bank parking Jack Sparrow decided to trade in some of his gold (plastic) coins. The bank receptionist at first looked a little incredulous but then played right along and exclaimed the exchange rate would be a dummy sucker or some smarties.
 Jack felt that was pretty fair,
and promptly gave his booty out to the vaulters.
The parade went very well.
To see the rest of the pictures of the parade click HERE.
Next came the performance at the Hanna City park where the parade ended and the carnival was suppose to begin although there were no carnival rides this year.

To see the rest of the vaulting pictures click HERE. As soon as the vaulting finished the horses were taken back to the farm then the golf cart picked up. From there the truck and trailer were taken to Middle Grove to pick up Jewel, Sangria and their fillies as Monday morning Dr. Hoerr is coming here for ultrasounds. I made it back from there, unloaded the horses, cleaned stalls, fed and ran in to shower before driving over to Ruth and Fedi's for the a ride to the Berean Banquet. That was kind of funny as Fedi drives us to jail. We didn't want to go to jail we wanted to go to the banquet which was being held at 5 Points in Washington. We arrived in plenty of time, found the 3 tables we needed got everyone situated easily before the banquet began.
There was a nice turnout of people all here to support this ministry. A wonderful group called Living Waters sang for us. 
The featured speaker was Manny Mill and he was LOUD. He has an extremely interesting history and is very involved in prison ministry. He talked about the importance of prayer.
It was late when we got home and instead of changing out of my Sunday clothes I just drove straight to the barn to feed and water Rosalie one last time but while there decided I may as well clean the stall up a bit. Emily and Daneilla walked in as I was cleaning Rosalie's stall in my Sunday clothes. Hopefully I can find something else to wear to church this morning. 

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