Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dinner At the Unsickers

We had another wonderful day in our Peoria church. Tim Funk had the morning service. Gabe and Molly served lunch. Mike Rieker had the afternoon service.
After church the mares were checked over and fed. Indy and Roxanne covered but this was probably Indy's last day in, she didn't stand well.
We only had a couple hours home before leaving for dinner at Gary and Marie Unsicker's house. They had a full house feeding 22 people. The meal was delicious and the fellowship amazing.
Here at the farm most of my family came for volleyball. David and Stephanie brought their new baby girl Elisabet out to meet great grandma for the first time. She is currently the youngest great grand child. That seems to change quite often though so we will see how long Elisabet holds that title.
Rhoda worked with Evan this afternoon. We are thrilled with how well he behaves.
Both Mark and I are exhausted from our long hard day yesterday. Mark is already in bed and I will be following shortly. That is as soon as the coffee is made for tomorrow.
We had a nice update on Whitney's 2015 filly by Valiant. The owner sent a short video tape of her lunging. She is huge and so well behaved. They wrote, "she is so gentle. "
Happy customers make us happy too.

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