Saturday, December 31, 2011


Mark was clearing out some of the old wood from the farm house and decided it was a great morning to burn.

I thought it was interesting how the flames shot into the sky.
Nineteen bales of hay were delivered today. Twelve by the farmer from Washington, IL and 7 by the Hanna City farmer. What was unusual is they both showed up exactly at the same time. The farmer with the 12 hay hauler unloaded first as the 7 hay hauler doesn't need to be unloaded, it just dumps the hay. Mark was kind enough to stack them in the barn. We are suppose to have 42 more bales delivered next week but Mark wants me to put him off until we get home.
The laundry is done, the bags are packed and I am ready to GO! I stopped at the library yesterday and picked up 8 books to take along, then last night picked one up and finished it so am down to 7. That's scary, hopefully someone else going on this trip will also bring books to share.
We are having such a nice warm sunny day for our last day of 2011. Praying 2012 will be a better year for our country.

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