Saturday, December 10, 2011

Away in a Manger

Rachel invited us over for their annual putting up of their manger scene tonight.

This is always a fun party with singing Christmas carols around the manger scene after eating GREAT food and drinking vanilla eggnog, pumpkin eggnog, chi tea, coffee or milk.

Spark, Rhonda and Kari brought Noel and Mia over.

They were enthralled by baby Jesus laying in a manger in the straw.
When it came time to start the singing, Luke throws himself on the sheepskin to listen in comfort.

Spark and Rhonda's grandchildren had to grab the best seat in the house for the singing, on their grandpa's lap.

After the singing Karin started to tell us about her day. Her youth group was hosting breakfast with santa today, she was lining all the kids up and called out, "ok, kids it's time to sit on satan's lap." Dead silence! Finally she realized what she said but too late, Santa happened to be the mayor of Maquon and not just the mayor, he is also the fire chief so if her house burns down we know why.
Logan brought his turtle named Speedy out to show the little girls.

So as to not be outdone, Luke had to run get his painted turtle.

Mia and Noel wanted to pet the turtles.

After so much laughter and so much food it is time to head to bed, morning comes early around here.

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