Thursday, December 15, 2011

Windmill Churning

We woke up to WIND, lots of wind helping the windmill churn out an abundance of electricity. The windmill usually makes a kind of soft whistling sound with each revolution but the wind is making so much noise rattling tin around we can't hear it this morning. Mark helped move in 2 round bales early this morning before it was even light out. The weanling paddock and middle paddock needed more hay.
After the walk Hoerr vet clinic was called to find out if Jakob's coggins was in yet. It still hadn't come back so Sheila, the receptionist got the coggins faxed over, filled out the health papers and faxed them to Meisters. Jakob leaves Monday morning early and the paper work must be ready to go when his owners get here. A transfer form from the FHH needs to be filled out and ready along with his original papers and DNA form. So much paper work needs to be filled out to sell one weanling colt.
Today was spent in Peoria, doing that dreaded shopping, not just groceries but a few gifts were also agonized over then purchased. Why is it so hard to find gifts for special people?
Now for the lighter side. Confession time, I laughed so hard watching the clip below that I wasted probably an hour watching some of this guys other clips.

We are spending the evening reading, the apartment is warm, the dogs are laying quietly at our feet as close to the wood burner as is physically possible without getting burnt. I finished one of the books, and tried to start another but it turned out to be a science fiction fantasy and I'm just not into that. Started the 3rd and this one will be finished.

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