Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unexpected Trip

Chuck Altic knocked on our door this morning to report the neighbor of the MiddleGrove farm called him about horses being out as he couldn't reach Mike. A bucket of grain, 3 halters and lead ropes were loaded into the truck, then Mark was asked if he would mind going with me. We didn't know how they got out and if the fence was down I would need help. As we drove up we could see 15 horses in the valley all spread apart grazing, some laying down and all enjoying the sunshine. We left them be while we drove the fence line looking for a downed fence as the main gate was closed and locked. After driving the entire line to the East and not finding a problem we headed west. Sure enough the corner gate was open and the latches missing. Two of the leadropes were used to tie the gate shut on both ends. We then brought the bucket of grain out and started calling. Ha those horses were not hungry and had no interest in walking the half mile or so to the gate. Sangria was the nearest horse and after she was reached willingly came with the last remaining lead rope looped around her neck. At that point Mark took the bucket of grain into the pasture and up the hill calling, it didn't take long for them to all get inside EXCEPT Mindy. What a bad pony. She saw the rest of the horses getting locked up and there was no way she wanted that.

She took off for the far gate that had been left open, found it locked and headed back. The other horses were heading down to the lake for a drink by this time so the gate could be left open and she finally ran in. Ponies are just way to smart. One nice thing, is she has grown since we took her out there. She is way more filled out and looks good. The picture above was taken right after we purchased her as a 2 year old, when we bring her in we will get updated pictures. By Spring we will put some riding and driving time on her. Funny after we sold Duke and found a family to lease Knight we thought we were done with ponies, now there are 5 out there. Ella, Cindy, Bonnie, Mindy and Lilypony. Horses still at MiddleGrove are: Mika, Bunni, Sally, Jewel, Sangria, Lily, Paris, Ayanna and Ciera. We have 20 round bales out there to put in if needed, there is still green grass in the fields and the lake is still open, hope we can get a few more weeks before bringing them in.

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