Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Can't Count

I must not be able to count to 15. Saturday Mark counted 14 horses out in the valley grazing. I thought that was about right and when we reached home counted up how many were suppose to be at Middle Grove and came up with 15. Surely Mark must have counted wrong when we were putting them away. As there were no more horses in sight we were sure they were all in. And then the phone rings on the way to work this morning. There is a horse on the wrong side of the fence at Middle Grove. Mike was busy, I had to be at work in 15 minutes so told my sister-in-law, Beth, "I'm sure it will be fine until I can get off work and drive out." Beth suggested calling John, her husband, as he hadn't left for work yet and they live near the Middle Grove farm. John was good enough to drive over and found just one on the wrong side of the fence, he stated, "it was one small pony and it wasn't going anywhere." Bonnie was glad to give up her freedom to get back in with the herd.
Mike was out last night working at Middle Grove and saw a bunch of horses all around the 2 bales he had moved in but it was so pitch black he didn't try to count.
We were swamped at work today. Below is Eva Jean trying to get all the mail opened.

We were able to open it and get it processed but not sorted. She will get to do at her house later today.
We were just a bit late getting to lunch but had a special treat once we arrived. Anna and Braelyn joined us.

After lunch a quick trip to Aldi's where eggs have gone up to $1.59 a dozen (shocking)! Time to get Mark to build a chicken coop. Then finally to the library. Four books were checked out, don't know these authors but the covers looked interesting. We were always told don't judge a book by it's cover but hopefully these books will live up to their entertaining jackets.

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