Friday, December 30, 2011

Hay Shortage

This is really the pits, the farmer in Farmington that had 40 bales just let us know there are only 19 available. There are 10 bales at Middle Grove available so after searching for hours we are still short to make it through the winter. Another option is sell, sell, sell. If we cannot find hay we must sell some of our beloved horses, we cannot let them starve. As soon as we get back on Jan 7th, we will start hauling in the Middle Grove horses, take pictures and videos of them and hopefully be able to sell some. There will never be a better time to offer on one of our horses, desperate people do desperate things. Horses at Middle Grove: Cindy, Mindy, Bonnie, Ella, Lilypony, Jewel, Mika, Bunni, Sally, Paris, Ciera, Lily, Sangria, and Ayanna, out of those who can we find in our hearts to part with? Knowing Mike would never part with Mika, Bunni, Sally, Paris, or Jewel knocks those from the running. How could I ever part with Lily, Sangria, Ciera or Ayanna? Of course we could never sell Raven, Evan, Valiant, Jenis, Ylse, Eliza, or Zalena. Karin would never agree to selling Ribbon. That leaves us Killian, Indy, Izadora, Bow, Cindy, Mindy, Bonnie, Lilypony, Airiah, or Ella.
Meet Cindy:

Cindy was born the same year as Lily. She and Lily were best friends and grew up together. Cindy has had 3 foals by Raven and is expecting her 4th foal in April. She is not for a beginner unless they are leadline. Cindy foundered a couple of years ago and needs to be kept off the spring grass. We will post her for sale for $3500.00 and include her very valuable in-utero foal. Cindy's only vice is she does not like to be tied away from the other horses.
Check out Mindy:

Mindy is a very flashy coming 3 year old paint pony mare well trained to drive. Below is her video. She should end up around 13 hands, when we bought her last summer she was about 12.2 and was not done growing. She has filled out quite a bit since the picture was taken.

We have Mindy listed at $1500.00 and she is worth every penny but if you are interested at all make us an offer.
Meet Bonnie:

Bonnie is a 5 year old Welsh x Hackney pony mare 12.3 hands again well trained to drive.
We were told she also rides but Rhoda felt she was personally too big to sit on her.
This pony has very flashy movement and really moves out when asked. Rhoda had a ball driving this pony around. She called her a "driving machine!"

Bonnie is also listed at $1500.00 and probably worth even more than Mindy as she is a very experienced pony but again we will accept offers.
Meet Airiah:

We don't want to sell her, she is just a delightful mare. She is in foal to Raven and due May 2012, that's 2 horses each as close to a purebred Friesian as possible in only a little more than 4 months. We are only considering selling her as Airiah has not been started undersaddle but she is wonderful for the vet and farrier. She leads, loads, stands tied quietly and wants to please. Airiah has fantastic movement and will throw this in her foal. Airiah herself looks 100% Friesian her foal will be registered as 7/8 Friesian. We will place her for sale for $8000.00 and hope something else will sell first.

Meet Izadora:

Izadora is a registered Trakehner mare 16.2 hands tall and black. She is in foal to Raven due Sept 2012. Her past 2 colts by Raven were purchased for more than we are asking for her. Izadora has fantastic movement and both of her colts inherited this. We are asking a mere $3500.00 for her.
OK do I sound like we are desperate? Honestly we would never allow one of our horses to starve, we will borrow and ship hay from a different state if needed but this hay shortage did teach me a lesson. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched or in our case don't count on the hay unless it is in the barn!


  1. I personally met one of Cindy's offspring and adored her. A wonderful, beautiful, friendly mare and SMART! Cindy's 4th baby will be amazing, I just know it.

  2. Judy, I linked this post from my blog post of today.