Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Berlica Rose

Meet Berlica Rose:

Berlica Rose is the little Haitian baby girl Joan and Tim would like to adopt. Please join us in praying this adoption will be allowed to go through. Rose was abandoned by her older mother at a hospital as she was born too little to nurse. Joan and Tim were contacted and are working at adopting her. If this goes through she would be a grandchild not a great grandchild. There goes Joan messing up the generations again.
It was sprinkling on our walk this morning. We stopped at the cabin to help Mike and Diane move in the futon Diane purchased last night.

Then continued our walk until we reached Spark & Rhonda house. At that point we decided to quit and head to Diane's for breakfast. The rain was falling harder and steady and we were getting drenched. This was a very productive breakfast, talking over our Meister family Christmas plans. None of us were in a hurry but finally all good things must come to an end and off we went to our own humble abodes.
Today 5 bales will need to be moved in. Izadora & Airiah's bale is pretty much gone, they are cleaning up the scraps as I type. We will move 2 in the middle paddock, Raven will get one and the boys will get the last. Sure wish the Yanmar was back, both Raven's and Airiah's shelters should be cleaned out first but we will make do with the skid steer.
The apartment needs a good floor scrubbing, with all the rain these last 2 days the dogs are leaving muddy footprints all over. Braelyn is coming tomorrow and this place MUST be cleaned up first. One cannot have a crawling baby over in this kind of condition. At least there is a reason for the mess, everybody always is quick to remind me, What do you expect, you live in a barn.

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