Saturday, December 10, 2011


Too much walking and standing in line yesterday made for a miserable night. It didn't help that the tiny little pain pill was not taken yesterday or Thursday. There is a reason for that, last week I had 3 really good days even walking a loop on Thursday. My brain reasoned that if I'm walking and not feeling much pain, God must be performing a miraculous healing on the injured hip. Early this morning I found myself shuffling as fast as these old legs can shuffle to the cupboard where the pills are kept. We all know prayer works, it's just that sometimes the answer is no or wait.
Philip is coming over this morning to help Mark open another hole in the basement. They have this huge saw that cuts through concrete. Once a hole is opened Mark starts digging. The dirt was almost up to the floor joists and he would like the crawl space to be about 3 and a half feet, opening it enough to put insulation down on the sides and some kind of floor. It is a filthy nasty job but a necessary one. He has Greg Reed coming Monday to start the inside work. Before pictures really need to be taken, right now it is a disaster. One must have a very vivid imagination to picture how nice this 150 year old house will be next year.

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