Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anni's Accident Pictures

Eva Jean is holding up one of the T-shirts she gave me for Christmas in the picture below.

That shirt was worn the rest of the day. When Mark saw it, he exclaimed, "that's the shirt I should have given you!"
I'll wear the other one on the cruise, it just seems to fit, eat, pray, ride.

We had a great day at work today, finishing in good time, then enjoying our lunch at Denny's with Dan, Susan, Spark, & Phil. Mark didn't come, another company invited him to their Christmas lunch. On the way home from work I took a short detour and stopped in at Fede's shop to see the damage to their van from Anni's accident this morning.

Fede has an amazing man cave (work shop) its big, roomy and has just about any tool ever made or needed. Fede puts it all to great use, helping those in need, and repairing just about anything that needs fixing.

His business is called The Hungarian Handyman and handy he is. Fede is a perfectionist, he wasn't home when I stopped in but I've seen some of his artistic work and its gorgeous! Someday I'll make an appointment with this very busy man to get pictures of his more unusual creations. Besides his ability to fix just about anything he is a true artist and likes creating useful works of art. As the rain continued to fall all day, Steven had to work horses in the indoor today. When I pulled up at the farm he had 3 mares inside. He had already worked Ylse and Zalena and was on Jenis.

He was working on the walk to canter transition with her getting it consistently. Once those three were put away both boys also got worked.
Mark had a late no heat estimate after work which meant I didn't need to cook dinner. A nice fire was started in the wood burner and the evening was spent reading Signs of Life by David Jeremiah. I'm enjoying the book.

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