Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Last night Diane held her first new years eve party. It was such a success we told her she can do this again every year.
People attending brought many many treats to eat. Below is mom and Spark cutting the 17 pound prime rib cooked to perfection. This picture is for Karin, she didn't get any!

The garage was used to serve the food, she had tables and chairs set up but most of the kids ate standing, too much fun to visit with each other.

Rebekah organized the games, in the one below the person in the middle of the circle had to state something he or she has never done. Then everyone that had done that must get up and find a new chair, the person left without a chair must take his or her place in the middle. One person stated, I've never assisted in the birth of a horse. Immediately 10-15 people got up to quickly find a chair, one of the visitors from another state, makes the comment, "that can't be true!" He was quickly told, "this IS a horse farm!"

Amy Koch from Tremont brought her mom who came to visit all the way from Florida. Clarky was the one that was so terribly sick in November.

Below left to right Rebekah, Bethany (who flew in from Haiti just for this party)Anni and Jessica.

Down stairs Diane had video games going, these 2 guys are river rafting.

In the picture below they are playing a really fun game. Each person in the room was given a balloon, the balloon must be kept in the air with one's head.

The last 2 with their balloons still in the air were given a jump rope and a jump off was held. Bethany was the winner.

She was able to pick from the prizes below.

Below Anni, Jessica and Bethany were working on a routine.

Just before midnight Diane handed out noise makers to the 30 or so people.

We all tromped out onto her deck and at the stroke of midnight, the noise (especially when there are teenage boys in the group) was shocking. I think they were trying to wake up the neighbors, oh wait, all the neighbors were at the party.
We left shortly after that to hit the sack.
This morning we were awakened by a strange noise. It took a few minutes to recognize this noise, our furnace kicked on! We were too busy yesterday to build a fire and too tired when we arrived home. The wind is howling outside, the windmill is generating electricity and we are ready to face the new year.

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