Friday, December 2, 2011


The golf cart crashed this morning running out of charge. It was left at moms and I walked home making it in time to watch Braelyn. Greg Reed was finishing up the tile work in the office and that turned out beautiful. He had a bit of time left and finished repairing the last shelter that had been storm damaged. Anna picked up Braelyn, as she pulled out Rhoda pulled in all packed for the trip to Cinniinnati. Steven Marchal showed up just a few minutes later and he helped with Calypso's cover by Evan. Once Calypso was put away it was time to get packing and ready to leave. Karin reached the farm before we needed to leave and was given all of the instructions on taking care of the dogs. There were only 2! Keep the food bucket and water bucket full.
Phil is driving and everybody else in the van is on a laptop watching movies. What a way to travel.

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