Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nasty Fruit

Ever taken a big bite out of what looks like a delicious piece of fruit only to bite into a rotten one? Ugh, nasty taste! By our fruits we shall be known. Do we want people to perceive us a loving and sweet, or self righteous and foul tasting. I saw something this morning that really bothered me, one person tearing down another person. On the way in to Peoria for a funeral my mind was screaming 90 miles an hour on how this should be addressed. How thankful I am for the funeral, sitting quietly, listening to Revelations 21, and then singing God Will Take Care of You out of the Hymns of Zion was so comforting. God knows the truth, the truth WILL come out. It is NOT our place to plan revenge, God will take care of even that, HE is a righteous JUDGE. We are to love, not just our friends but love our enemies and do good to those who persecute. Boy that is a hard commandment isn't it?
The funeral lasted longer than usual and that was also a good thing. By the time I arrived at Meisters, Mark was ready to go to lunch. We ate at what Mark calls the toxic chicken place, good food but probably not so good for us. Then back to Meisters to run credit card payments.
Once home a fire was started in the wood burner and laundry should be started but isn't yet. That's called procrastination!

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