Monday, December 5, 2011

No Skid Steer Yet

The skid steer was promised to be returned by tonight but the call that came now says it will be tomorrow. That is SO scary as tomorrow never comes. The middle paddock is out of hay. We only have Ribbon, Jenis and the 2 foals in it, but Ribbon is such a pig. When I arrived home from work, there was Steven pulling hay off the weanling's bale, filling a wheel barrow and hauling three loads to Ribbon & Jenis. He gave them enough for tonight, I'll have to give them as much or more in the morning. Sure hope it really does come tomorrow.
As Steven was here to help, Airiah was pulled out for some updated pictures.

She was also wormed with Panacure and given her first pneumabort shot both of which she stood very well for. We took a short video but am having problems downloading it to youtube so will place it on an external hard drive and take it to work tomorrow. They have cable internet and it will upload in just a few minutes with that. Airiah is showing her pregnancy. We didn't take the time to clean her up and this video won't be placed on her page. When we do that one she will get a good grooming first. We weren't even going to do a video, just the pictures but she has a HUGE trot and that was worth taping.
Today Romanian Shepherds stew was made for dinner. This time the beef was browned in bacon grease and the potatoes were boiled in chicken broth so we have a mix of flavors. Actually it was just tasted and it's GOOD! Three onions were added, a pound of carrots, 6 small potatoes, 4 celery stalks and 8 ounces of mushroom (all chopped). This simmers for 3-4 hours and is delicious when done.

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