Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Program

Mark helped move in a bale to Airiah's paddock before we needed to leave for church.
Today was Peoria's Christmas program and the church was full of people, children and voices, happy voices all visiting with each other, excited kids practicing their pieces and laughter filling the lunchroom at noon. It seemed to take forever for the classes to enter the sanctuary. Each year I'm amazed at the talent these kids have.
After church we headed out quickly as we needed to drop Bibles off Katie Hofstetter brought from the AC home down to the warehouse at Meisters and get the power cord from the shop. We also stopped at TSC for mouse poison, I know, bad idea when their are dogs around but we have now seen mice in the stall area, the garage and the arena. The mouse pellets were put under things the dogs can't move.
Steven was here moving in a round bale for the middle paddock as that paddock was down to one bale and Ribbon & Jenis were keeping the other mares away from the hay. He took both boys out for some trick training. I'm amazed at how these boys listen to him, craving that reward of, "good boy".
Rhoda came by after church to work Jenis. The day is nice and they were out in the field having fun. A few pictures were snapped. Rhoda actually liked the first shot but I liked the last shot best so both were posted.

We are heading back to church for our annual Christmas caroling at 4:00pm.

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