Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beautiful Christmas Eve

We are SO blessed today with our 35 degree sunshine on Christmas eve day. In the past, why even last year, we fought snow covering up ice. Rhoda and Karin decided to take all 4 mares on a trail ride. It was great to be able to use the camera without worrying about the flash or holding very still. Below is Karin on Ylse leading Eliza.

Rhoda was having fun galloping around the field on Zalena leading Jenis.

I asked them to bunch up a bit so all 4 mares could be in the same picture.

After the trail ride they took the mares into the arena and asked them each to mount the pedestal.

When Eliza had mounted the pedestal willingly and to their satisfaction, Karin let her loose, she wandered over to see what I was doing.

Karin's dog Studly, was busy playing with Ebby in the arena while the girls were working the horses. They were having so much fun the camera was trained on them for a while. I really liked Studly's expression in the picture below.

Once the horses were put away we come inside to see how our dogs play:

Actually sometimes they do play and somedays they have energy but today is not one of those days.
Rhoda and Karin decided to help out in another way. Besides being some of the best horse trainers out there, they cleaned the stalls today, in fact they cleaned the whole BARN! THANK YOU KARIN and RHODA that was a real gift!

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