Monday, May 1, 2017

Miserable Wet Cold Weather

Mike and Diane sure picked the right week to head down to Gulf Shores. We have had rain straight for 4 solid days with Saturday picking up 3 inches in about 4 hours. Today wasn't a steady rain but rain off and on for hours. This evening while trying to get the end of the day chores done of course the rain started and by the time I finished I was soaked through.
This morning Star was covered by Valiant first then the mares and foals were taken outside for the first time in a day and a half. Lola and Zalena were taken to the cabin field with their foals to join Anna and Hadassah with their foals. They all settled down quickly to graze. Lily, Star and Soul along with their foals were turned out in the pond pasture. AND then it was time to start cleaning up horse manure, lots and lots of horse manure out of the indoor arena. By the time the arena was done 3 full wheelbarrows of manure were hauled out. Sheena's stall was next. She was not happy in her stall last night and kept pacing chopping up any manure she'd dropped.
Once the place was cleaned up I drove in to Meisters to pay the first of the month bills. From there it was over to Pekin to Big R's where a 40 pound bag of cat food was purchased along with 450 pounds of grain and 3 salt blocks. The salt blocks will be taken out to Middle Grove on the next trip out.
Just after coming back a knock came on the door and there someone had left a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers for May Day. I have my suspicions to who would have done that. Nice to have that tradition continued from our childhood. The person who dropped the bouquet wasn't very tall and oh so quick. As soon as I opened the door that person was out of sight.
This evening Soul was covered then she, her foal, Lily, her foal, Star and her foal were taken back to the indoor arena where they will spend another night inside. It is just too cold and wet for these young foals. Sheena and Ella were checked. Ella's udder swelled up today so both she and Sheena were stalled. Sheena is much more happy now that Ella is inside too. Sheena was due today but she is not showing signs she is ready. Ella isn't due for 28 more days but Ella always goes about 3 weeks early. She just may beat Sheena. As soon as both of these mares deliver I can go to Texas to see my almost month old grandson for the first time.

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