Friday, May 19, 2017

Rainy COLD Day But Successful

No walk today, it was raining. The change in the weather was drastic, from high 80s and sunshine to low 50s and rain. Checking on the mares I discovered Ella had rolled in the mud and was looking miserable. She is also waxing. She was brought in, cleaned up and stalled. She will stay in the stall until she delivers which I think will be soon. Dr. Hoerr showed up around 10:00 am to ultrasound mares. I had Rosalie done first and she is pregnant. Evan is the sire of this foal. Rosalie is due April 6th, 2018
We are so excited about this pregnancy. Rosalie is a gorgeous mare and the foal will be top notch in movement, looks and HAIR! The next mare done was Galena and we are thrilled to announce she is pregnant too.  
Galena was bred to Valiant and is due April 9th, 2018. Check out the feather on this mare in the  picture below.
She is going to throw a TALL black or black and white very HAIRY foal. Karin and I took these two out to Middle Grove today and as we were unloading Karin said, "she is just SO beautiful"  I have to agree. Galena is such a lovely mare.
Jewel was next and was ready to be bred. She had a follicle of 47 that was starting to soften. Since it was pouring down a cold rain she was just put back in the paddock until later. This afternoon the rain stopped for a bit so Jewel was covered by Evan and Zalena was covered by Valiant. 
The next 3 for ultrasounds were all mares with foals by their sides and all three settled. Lola was bred to Valiant again, we love what the 2 of them produce.
A tall, sweet, quiet, beautiful foal with good movement. Why would we mess with success. Lola is due the same day as Rosalie, April 6th, 2018. Star was next and she had also settled on her foal heat. She was again bred to Valiant, check out the video below to see why we stayed with Valiant again. These two throw big foals with amazing movement. Star has the mega hair so her foals look pretty much 100 percent Friesian. 
Star is due April 12th, 2018. The last mare sonagrammed was Soul. This year we chose Evan for Soul. We liked what she and Valiant produced but want to see if breeding her to Evan will produce bigger movement. One thing we know for sure is this coming foal is going to have HAIR.
Rhoda and Emily got home from their trip to Wisconsin. They left yesterday to pick up our new Andalusian mare Madiera. Madiera is an 11 year old 15.3 hand  IALHA registered bay purebred  Andalusian mare with amazing movement. It was kind of late when they arrived home and getting ready to rain again so we just snapped a few pictures then bedded her down for the night. Meet Madiera:
She has the typical mega mane and tail of an  Andalusian plus that exquisite movement that is so fun to ride. She also has a double whorl on her forehead. That means this mare is going to be a superstar. Check out  this LINK  on Whorls if interested. 
As I was walking across the dam to the pond pasture there were two foxes in the field watching the foals playing. They saw me and ran to their den but didn't hide from me, instead watched as the horses were brought in only leaving after the last mare had crossed the dam. I didn't have my camera, just the phone so the picture below isn't the best.
 This evening Ruth, Karin, Mark and I went to mom's to play Mexican Train. Mark just walked over and didn't stay too long. The game was fun but I lost miserably, so bad it was laughable.

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