Monday, May 22, 2017

10 Out

Today was hauling day and again we hauled and unloaded in the rain. We seem to be living in a rain forest. The good thing about all this rain is how well the pastures are keeping up the bad thing is the mud in the paddocks. There is no way to control the mud right now.
The first load hauled out to Middle Grove was an overfull trailer. Horses hauled were Zalena, Flynn, Star, Elsa, Lola, Easter Bonnet, Soul and Francesca. Karin came over to help load then followed me out to Middle Grove to help unload. The horses were thrilled to get back there and started grazing right away slowly making their way to the hillside. The second load was much easier, just Jewel and Roxanne. When Jewel's halter was taken off, she took off like a race horse. Poor Roxanne just could not keep up but both ended up with the herd. There are only 14 horses left at the Hanna City farm leaving 30 at Middle Grove.
Rhoda dropped off Rizzy and Ruby this afternoon. Both of these dogs will be staying with us while Sarah and Rhoda along with their husbands are leaving for Iceland. Rhoda was here dropping them off when I finally got back from the second load. The dogs were settled in then Mark and I went over to mom's for supper. After supper Joan, Hannah, Sarah, Faith, Mackinson, Berlica, Ava, Aubrey and Diane came over to mom's to play. We had a fun evening. The pictures below are of Eliza's colt. He is growing well.

This afternoon they were taken outside for a few minutes so Eliza could graze but brought right back in when the rain started up.
Maybe tomorrow it will dry up enough to get some updated pictures for the website.

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