Friday, May 26, 2017

North, East, West but Not South

Right after our walk this morning Lily and her colt were loaded up along with Missy to drive the 25 miles East to Dr. Hoerr's vet clinic in Morton, IL. The clinic was backed up with horse trailers and clients but I didn't have to wait too long. Lily was first and she was confirmed in foal. She is due April 17th, 2018 and the sire is Valiant. We are so very thrilled with what these two produce there is no reason to mess with a good thing and chose a different stallion. Apollo, her colt got his blood drawn and pictures taken for his coggins test. He was very well behaved and so impressive when he trotted up into the clinic next to Lily.
Missy had her turn next. She was pregnant with twins. Dr. Hoerr needed to pinch one off. I almost didn't bring Missy, thinking if she was pregnant fine if not fine but I never thought about her getting pregnant with twins. Mares are not built to carry twins and most of the times both foals will die. If they don't the mare can die or one foal will be bigger and the other one dies. I'm so thankful she was taken in today. This is the first time we ever bred Missy. She is due April 19th, 2018, the sire is Evan.
They were loaded up and driven back West those 25 miles to the Hanna  City farm. Karin met me, unloaded Missy and took her over to the cabin field while I grabbed Ella and her adorable colt to load up for the trip to Middle Grove. That was another 25 miles West then 25 miles East to get home. The horses were up by the big puddles which actually looked like ponds we have had so much rain. Lily ran right into one and started splashing. Her colt stood at the bank dancing around calling not at all happy his mom was in that wet stuff. It won't take long before he realizes the water is FUN. Anna's filly was in the water playing around. Karin and I haltered Jenis, Oksana and Cooking and led them down to the trailer. They were put in the cabin field with Sally, Missy and Ripper. We will be doing trail rides this holiday weekend. 
As soon as the horse work was finished I drove North to Sam's club for groceries and had to load groceries into the car during a big rain storm which drenched every part of me. I reached home still very wet, Mark pulled up right along side and was as wet as I was. He too got caught in the storm. 
Mark built a big campfire over at the playground with our good dry wood, the warmth felt wonderful. The sun came out and warmed everything up but we were still grateful for the fire. Ashley brought over her puppies for a puppy play date with Miss Molly, the puppies mom, along with what seemed like hundreds of other dogs but really there were probably less than 20. Ashley brought 2 of Miss Molly's puppies to visit their mom. 

 Above Rachel grabbing Jessica's Pugs and Below Anni holding her Chewy. 

 Above some yummy heartatticonastick (bacon) and below Diane feeding the rind to a few of the dogs visiting this evening. 
 Our wonderful campfire, perfect for cooking big slabs of bacon.
 A large Heron flew over the lake with the setting sun lighting his head up. 
If interested in seeing the rest of the pictures (mostly dog pictures) click HERE

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