Friday, May 19, 2017

Eliza Delivers a Colt

This post was written on Friday morning but this is Thursday's post. It was started last night but I was just too tired to finish.
We lost our electricity last night for a few hours which meant the foaling monitor didn't work which meant trips up to the barn if I wanted to check on Eliza. We had lots of thunder and wind but not a drop of rain. It was so hot in the house I ended up taking a blanket and pillow and sleeping for a while on the patio but the stars by this time were so bright and distracting it was hard to sleep. The verse that kept running through my mind was Psalm 19 vs 1 The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth His handywork.
Around 1:00 am the electricity came back on. Lights were turned off that had been on when it went off and then finally I slept waking to no baby in the stall. There was something else interesting though. A big snake had shed it's skin after the storm right in our yard. The 4 point deer shed below is actually the first I've ever found. What a prize.
Mark went out early to clean up the tree that had fallen over the drive but someone had already done the job. We found out later Sarah Reinhard was the good fairy. Joan has taught her well how to use a chain saw. 
On the walk we noticed mom's umbrella up by her chimney. That really was quite a wind. Rachel climbed up on the roof and handed it down. 
Mom took me into the shop to pick up the truck on her way to quilting. When I got the truck back to the farm I couldn't get the ball switched around to hook up the gooseneck. Rhoda arrived and the two of us worked on it but no luck. We finally called French's which is now under new management and the 3 guys there worked for about 20 minutes before they found the problem. A ball bearing from some other piece of equipment had fallen into the the sleeve and jammed it up stopping the ball from being released. Both Rhoda and I were so thankful it was fixed as without that gooseneck hitch she and Emily would need to take the old truck up to De Pere, WI.
We got the truck home, hitched it to the Exiss trailer then put the old truck on the Keiferbuilt trailer, just in case of an emergency here. With Eliza due any minute and living through emergency C section with Marika last year I could not be left without a truck and trailer.  Emily arrived around 3:30 pm so she and Rhoda started the trip up to Wisconsin. We were going to Hannah's musical at 6:00 pm so Eliza needed to be brought in the stall. I was talking to a lady about Star's filly around 5:00 pm and instead of cutting the call short just took my time visiting with her. By the time I got out to go get Eliza at 5:20 pm there she was delivering her colt out in the field with Ella standing guard. Of course I had no camera! Ella was helping Eliza clean him off. Mark came to help bring them into a stall. Ella was distraught when we took them away from her and left her in the field. She will be fine when she has her own foal hopefully soon. By this time I was hot, filthy and only a few minutes to jump in a cold shower to try to cool off and clean up before leaving for the play. Thankfully I was able to watch on the monitor during the evening and could tell he was nursing well.
The play was hilarious. It was Gilbert & Sullivan's THE MIKADO

Hannah had a lead part. We had a wonderful time. After the musical Mark took mom, Karin and I to McDonald's for a late dinner. When we got back to the farm Eliza and her colt were checked on. Even though he is 3 weeks early he is healthy and strong.
 Those whisker's catch the straw and stick. 

His cord was iodined and then I slept!

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