Saturday, May 13, 2017

Work Day Gift

Today was the annual work day for mom's Mother's Day Gift. All who came worked hard but played hard too. Rhoda and Lee spent the night in the trailer and found out the air conditioner works almost too well. The work day is suppose to start at 9:00 am but this is the Meister's which meant people started showing up at 8:00 am to work. We had an amazing amount of workers this year and got an amazing amount of work done.

Rachel was in charge this year so she had to work while the rest of us sat around ordering her around.

That wasn't really true. We took a break for lunch then after lunch were pretty exhausted and needed to take some time for visiting and resting. Rachel just started working before the rest of us after the lunch break and was trying to make us all feel guilty. Karin was the person who thought it would make a good story. One of the funny series of photos (in my mind) was when David was playing with Elisabet. We all know how much David likes dogs. 
 Bobo came walking past...
 stops and licks David's ear. 
After lunch the volleyball players we took a few minutes to celebrate Caleb's graduation and then Israel's birthday.

If interested in seeing the rest of the pictures from the playground click HERE. There are still cute puppy pictures to download but it is much too late and I am much too sore. We had a wonderful day both weather and workers. More got accomplished than I could ever list here. What a wonderful tradition, one I hope never stops. Why it is so very late was we just didn't want to let the day end and some of us (Spark, Rhonda, Diane, Ruth, Karin, Mark and me) met back over at mom's for games. 

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