Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Big Reveal

The party yesterday was the big reveal. Sarah and Nolan provided us all with a cupcake and when we bit into the cupcake there was the answer.
They are expecting a girl! They had one of the really neat 3 dimensional ultrasounds and saw their baby girl grabbing her toes and sucking her thumb. They are naming her Zion but when we asked about a middle name they don't have one yet. Brian, Rebekah's husband told them the middle name should be Harp as in Zion's Harp. We had a good laugh but for some reason they don't think they will use Harp for a middle name.
This morning was a Berean day, On Wednesday's we enter all the Bible requests and finish the work from yesterday we weren't able to get done. We found out around noon today that we were able to get a van at the auction. Spark found a 12 passenger 3/4 ton van with a seat missing. It has seating for 8 with room for a bed in the back. It does not have a trailer hitch on it yet but we will do that as soon as possible. It is a 2014 Chevy Express 2500. Hopefully we can pick it up from Morton soon.
Later this afternoon Ayanna was teased and covered by Evan
then Foxy teased and covered by Valiant. We really do have beautiful mares. Both of these mares are just gorgeous.
I'm hoping Ayanna will be out by Saturday so I can drop her off at Middle Grove and bring Rosalie back for an ultrasound.
We didn't go to church tonight, I just don't feel well but can't say why, just general tiredness and achy. We tried to listen on line but that wasn't working tonight.

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